Life can be so complicated at times with problems that separate and drain the pleasure and meaning out of life. While at times these problems might seem so ingrained in our life and way of thinking that we might give up hope that change is possible.

As a therapist with 30 years experience I have found a style of therapy that allows people to explore their problem saturated ideas, beliefs and stories about life that keeps them from healthy change. By exploring these ideas and stories through Narrative Therapeutic Practice people regain personal authority learning how to shed old destructive beliefs and practices for their preferred positive life affirming story.

In order to offer this opportunity to anyone who would like to write a new script for their future the therapist at The Jerusalem Narrative Therapy Institute created the Shalom Project. The Shalom project offers therapy from 75 NS per session for a 12 week program. We invite the clients to evaluate their progress after the twelve weeks and will offer the results of these programs on our website. We believe that money should not stand in the way of a person making the most of their life. Every student who graduates through our one year program donates their time to the Shalom Project.
Our clinic has been open for the past 15 years and we have a wonderful network of religious therapists with specialties in many areas. We have support groups in the areas of having a good relationship with food which is co led by Ellen Cornfeld ( who is a food coach and nutritional counselor and Chana Frumin a marital and family counselor and a successful food negotiator. There is a support group for men fighting addiction run by Gidon Friedman, a marital counselor. There is a support group for divorced men led by Rabbi Yosef Cornfeld ( Individual sessions are available in the area of recovery from depression, and trauma, overcoming food disorders, marital counseling, bereavement work and many other areas.
We celebrate health and growth and sponsor a yearly national conference to be held June. For information and referral please call 0544 799 441 or 02 6512 095. Be well and Good new year!

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