Chana Rachel Frumin, M.S. CNT and Director, founder of JNTI, is a certified teacher ofbeginning and advanced topics in narrative therapy practice.  She is also a marital and family counselor working 30 years in the Jerusalem area.

Her workshops include: special handling of Bereavement, live supervision.  Saying hello instead of good-bye; Asking great questions; Recovery from childhood trauma; Re-membering practices , how to create a club of life; Working with the cruel and controlling voices of OCD anxiety and Depression; Learning to love Otherness, a course for couples.  She has taught internationally for the Danish Psychological Society, to Nechama inSouthAfrica, for a children’s psychiatric hospital in Norway and to a group of Psychologists in Manchester England, and Tel Aviv University.  She has recently founded the Shalom Project – a 12 week subsidized therapy program for clients with limited financial resources at 75 NS per session.  Please feel free to call for more information 054-479-9441.

Chana Rachel is available for  questions and answers about therapy and personal growth at her email address:



Dear Chana,

After many years of living in a marriage in which there were continues fights I started sessions with you. Thanks to
your advice ,your positive attitude saying it is possible to turn things around and most important the tools you have
given me, my marriage has become a loving union.
Thank you


Chana-Rachel Frumin was a revolutionary force in our marriage, helping us strengthen the foundation of our commitment, while providing us with the tools to better understand the self, the other, and open ourselves up to the possibility of a better, stronger, happier marriage. Way more than “just” a marriage counselor, Chana enabled me to see myself, repair, and prepare with the necessary tools towards greater shalom bayit.

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