Here is our staff, and a listing of a few of each of their specialties.  For more information on each staff member and their contact info, click on their link.

Chana Rachel Frumin, M.S. CNT, Director, founder of JNTI couples and families, trauma

Rabbi Yosef Cornfeld M.S.W., CNT, assistant director

-youth, addictions, blended familes

Ellen Cornfeld Ellen Cornfeld –BA, CNT, assistant director,

Food Coach, eating disorders, teens, second marriages

Shlomo Zalman Jessel Shlomo-Zalman (Adam) Jessel holds  BSc. and MA

sex related addictions, trauma

Batya Jacobs BSW Batya Jacobs BSW, B Sc(ECON) – depression, anxiety, personality disorders

Julie DeKoven, MAchildren, parents

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