Shlomo-Zalman (Adam) Jessel holds  MS. and MA degrees in Clinical-Shlomo Zalman JesselDevelopmental psychology, CNT.  A founding member of the Institute, he works with individuals and families in Israel and abroad, often conducting therapy and consultation sessions via telephone or Skype.  He has published in medical and scientific journals on a wide array of subjects, and guest lectures for hospitals and academic settings several times per year.  Shlomo’s current emphasis is on men and women dealing with pornography, homosexuality, sex-related addictions, and trauma, including group therapy for people dealing with same-gender attraction. He is  EMDR certified.

Shlomo Zalman can be contacted by phone at: 054-672-0336 and by email at

In assisting my clients to live a life that’s consistent with their deeply-held values, I’ve learned there’s no harsher judge than one’s own relentless, inner critic.

Through understanding and compassion, isolation and unwanted behaviors give way to a life of authenticity, vitality, and real connection.

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