Throughout history, Love has been praised and adorned. To Fall in Love is supposed to be the ultimate experience of ecstasy, Being in love is offered as a profound goal for reach marriage. There is a worthy alternative to both of these experiences that can cheer the saddest moments and bring light to darkened lives. Continue reading

Pain needs a response. In childhood, the response to pain is often crying. However, there are many responses to pain in childhood. My granddaughter lies down on the floor and rolls. Some children stamp their legs, shake their head, or call out, “No No No.” Another favorite is to shrivel up and sink into the floor silently. Continue reading

It is a very awkward process as an adult to learn to believe in yourself. Get The Times of Israel’s Daily Edition by email and never miss our top stories FREE SIGN UP! There seems to be a belief that you should know everything you need to know by the time you are an adult. 

Believing you are such an important experience that awkwardness must be accepted. Continue reading

We all know that most of listening is about measuring.
When someone listens they might measure whether they agree with you or disagree with you. They might measure whether you know what you are talking about or whether you know anything at all. Sometimes they measure if they are interested in hearing what you have to say or
even if they are interested you as a person!
Measuring is not an exciting experience, and in fact can often be very draining. Many days we are exhausted at the end of the day because we have been getting measured all day long!
Listening can be a very different experience than measuring. Listening can be a visit to another culture, a look into another world filled with adventures and sweet drama. Listening can offer an ” I love you” or ” I value you ” to the speaker. We can smile while we listen and be saying your stories are fun to hear and your life is a pretty life! Listening can be an unselfish act, giving time, interest, attention, and kindness. Here is how to change listening from measuring to visiting! When the speak, put your world to the side, and make it less important for now. Make the important thing to open your ears, your heart and your mind to receive the presence of that speaker. Practice curiosity about the words they use and the worldview they are sharing. Taste their world, just a taste! Oh remember to say Thanks for sharing!

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