Narrative Therapy

At JNTI we offer therapy in a way that will help you to overcome those problems that are keeping you back, and help you to rewrite the story of your life. By using the practices and ideas of Narrative Therapy, our therapists will ask you questions that will help you to access your strengths, hopes, dreams, and values, and in this way to empower you to make those changes you have been seeking.

Instead of employing traditional concepts of motivation, unconscious processes or categories of psychological damage, this approach proposes that we perceive our lives as a continuing series of events that we have connected to make the stories of our life. By encouraging the recollection of significant, forgotten details, it seeks to generate more nuanced accounts of people’s lives, enabling them to consider wider ranges of possibilities for the future.

A story is a series of events, linked in sequence, across time, according to a plot. It’s up to us to determine which events are privileged, and so we can change the story.

Our staff consists of religious men and women who work in both Hebrew and English. We work under the Halachic guidance of Rabbi Ze’ev Leff, and under the psychiatric guidance of Dr Hillel Davis.

We are located in the Kiryat Moshe neighborhood of Jerusalem, 60 Herzl Blvd, top floor. You can contact us by phone at 02-651-2095, or 054-479-9441 or by email:

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