What we do

The Jerusalem Narrative Therapy Institute offers therapy in Jerusalem and internationally.  Based on the ideas of Narrative Therapy, we engage in therapeutic dialogues, which respect the values and goals of each client.  We offer a gentle exploration of your life and the way you would like to live it.  We work in English or Hebrew, and have religious men and women therapists.   Our therapists‘ goal is to work as collaborative partners exploring the preferred life goals  of the client.

In a nutshell, Narrative Therapy is helping people to access their strengths, hopes, dreams, and values, through exploring the stories of their lives. It also helps people to identify the problem stories that are getting them stuck, and helping them to “rewrite” their stories according to a more positive and productive plot.

Instead of employing traditional concepts of motivation, unconscious processes or categories of psychological damage, this approach proposes that we perceive our lives as a continuing series of stories. By encouraging the recollection of significant, forgotten details, it seeks to generate more nuanced accounts of people’s lives, enabling them to consider wider ranges of possibilities for the future.

Narrative Therapy is based on a growing set of ethically based and innovative therapy ideas that recognize that people use narrative, or story, to make meaning out of their lives and to form their identity.  Often, without even realizing it, people get stuck in problems because they are living according to stories that are saturated by problems.  However life is multi-faceted and multi-storied, and there will always be exceptions to the problem stories.   Here at JNTI we offer a gentle and in depth exploration of the stories of your life, and help you to find those hidden stores of strength, possibilities, richer understanding, and hope. We strive to ask questions to facilitate a meaningful conversation of re-authoring your life according to your values, beliefs, dreams, and visions.  We place you as the expert of your own life, and strive to work as collaborative partners exploring your preferred life goals in order to help you to realize those goals.

Our staff consists of religious men and women who work in both Hebrew and English.  We work under the Halachic guidance of Rabbi Ze’ev Leff, and under the psychiatric guidance of Dr Hillel Davis.

We are located in the Kiryat Moshe neighborhood of Jerusalem, 60 Herzl Blvd, top floor.  You can contact us by phone at  02-651-2095, or 054-479-9441 or by email: office@jnti.net